What to bring to Spitsbergen (North Pole)

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Re: What to bring to Spitsbergen (North Pole)

embie wrote:

But, with a bit of luck he can encounter the rare furred salmon !

I bet you have a jackalope, too, and your snipe got away, right?

I second the suggestion to ditch the 18-300. The wider the zoom range, the more compromised the optics have to be. In general zooms that exceed a 5:1 ratio are not well liked.

Accordingly, I also agree with the recommendation of the 16-85. The extra 2 mm at the wide end is not particularly valuable to me for scenery - I find getting too wide for landscapes to adversely affect image composition (too much in the image, bu that's just me), but those extra 2 mm are invaluable when shooting indoors. Overall, the 16-85 offers very nice image quality.

And I really endorse the idea of a second body. A used D3xxx or D5xxx would do. This trip has the earmarks of a "trip of a lifetime" - he won't like it if his D7500 malfunctions early in the trip and leaves him with nothing but his cell phone, assuming he takes his cell phone (is there cell phone service at the North Pole? Inquiring minds want to know). I don't know what battery the D7500 uses, but a backup body that uses the same battery is a worthwhile convenience.

The open-finger gloves are a good idea, too. They can be found in hunting supply outfitters, I usually use light weight work gloves, the disposable kind that shrink something awful if they get wet and dry out. I usually have no trouble operating a camera while wearing them. They can be found in stores that sell hard hats and steel-toed boots, at farm supply stores, and at many garden supply stores. The cheaper the lighter, the better.

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