The end of the compact camera

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I don't think so...

Sure, if your one criteria for "compact" is how small the thing is and maybe that it should be something that you would likely be carrying anyway, then a cell phone is always going to win. Cell phones these days are good enough for a lot of photography, even stuff where the IQ matters. Still, a lot of us would still prefer something with a larger sensor (for, at the very least better IQ in a broader range of conditions) something with more options to make it a more flexible tool, and just as importantly something which has actual physical controls and maybe even a viewfinder which won't add any features necessarily or improve the IQ but can make for a better human/camera interface.

Even though there are some kinds of photography that I do where I don't think of IQ being vitally important, even though I love the idea of a camera that's in my pocket all the time and even though I can make the wide angle lens in my cell phone work for a lot of the kinds of shots that I like to take, I still don't much like shooting with a phone...

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