The end of the compact camera

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Re: Not dead.... but now a very different market

sybersitizen wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

... Today we still have compact cameras, but they now must excel in some way. They must do things that smartphones cannot do. They must specialize in something:

  • They must have larger sensors, or
  • They must deliver ILC like image quality and ergonomics, or
  • They must have huge optical zoom ranges, or
  • They must be very rugged and waterproof, and usable under water, and
  • It also helps if they are stylish and retro too.

Compact cameras also have features like eye-level viewfinders, articulating LCDs, bounceable Xenon flashes, real physical controls, and things as basic as built-in tripod sockets and sensible remote control capabilities.

The masses of phone shooters don't care, but enthusiast compact camera users - who represent the current niche market - continue to appreciate and expect such things.

Yes, those are all good points.

I just hit the highlights, but there are many more good reasons to prefer a compact camera over a smartphone. But the fact remains that the vast majority of casual photographers are perfectly happy with a phone, and see no real value in any of those other things.

And this means there is zero demand for the cheap compact camera, so the industry stopped making them. And why should they? If no one wants one, then it would be foolish to make them. But the really good compacts will still exist, albeit in a much smaller market space.

Fortunately, I plan to remain in the minority. My phone is useful for documenting where I parked my car or for casual snapshots, but for any sort of serious photography I want an ILC or a high end large sensored compact. But that is just me. Others will disagree.

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