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Re: what about Win 7?

Billiam29 wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

Sorry for hijacking the thread but...

I have a new Win 10 desktop and I want to install Win 7 to a new partition for similar reasons to the OP's.

My version of CorelDraw (X3) will not run under Win 10 but works very well under Win 7.

I tried many methods of doing this but Win 7 will not install. It goes to the Starting Windows screen then hangs.

The same mechanism in your BIOS that you used to try booting off a USB thumb drive for Win 7 might also be capable of booting off another SSD or hard drive you dedicate to Win 7. The BIOS for some desktop machines even have “boot manager” features you can enable specifically to facilitate this every time the system powers-on or restarts. I use such a feature on my PC to present a 5 second prompt where I can choose between booting off my m.2 Windows 10 SSD or a 2.5” SATA SSD I have dedicated to Linux.

It looks like my boot manager does not have this option as such. With the Win 7 installer on my F partition, I can set the boot manager to see, ask and boot from drive F. It then goes through the initial installation of Win 7 then hangs at the Starting Windows screen.

Also, how can I actually create a Win 7 drive for that computer? I do have a Win 7 drive for my laptop but it is setup for the laptop and it does not work with the desktop.

I looked at some ideas such as Tiny 7 but it seems that is no longer available.

This option of course requires that you’re willing to invest in an additional drive for the purpose or have a spare drive on hand. It does, however, negate the need for muti-OS portioning, editing boot manager entries, or running virtualization software. That may or may not be worth the additional physical drive to you but it’s at least worth considering.

If you do pursue this option, just keep in mind it may be safest to physically disconnect your primary Win 10 SSD/hard drive while you install Win 7 onto the additional one. That way there will be zero risk of the Win 7 installation doing anything to the boot configuration on your main drive.

I had thought about this but I decided that it is not worth my while as my Win XP / Win 7 laptop runs CorelDraw perfectly.


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