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Re: Well, there it isn't - size

dave gaines wrote:

sandy b wrote:

Images appear to confirm Nikon’s Z9 is being tested at the Olympics, gives us the first look at its back side: Digital Photography Review (

I'd rather read it here, with some commitment to fact and reality, than read anything speculative on Nikon Rumors.

I mean, hey, how big is it? In both images (link above) you can't tell how big it is.

Here he's wearing a green shirt in this image. Does he have a beer belly or are those well-fit ab bumps. You don't see so much as a shirt button to give you any sense of his size. You see part of his arm but not enough to even know how tall he is.

But seriously folks, you can't see the lens or anything else to give you any sense of scale. I see a battery door similar to the battery latch on one of Nikon's grips, which is interesting, but it's not revealing the size of the body.

I see a dozen or more posts here saying how big it is and/or how it compares to the D6. But there's nothing to base these opinions on...

We'll just have to wait and see.

You can get a rough idea of how big it is (close enough to matter) by looking at the size of the joysticks and buttons in relation to the size of the body. It's roughly the same size as any other nikon pro body... maybe a tiny bit smaller.

I personally really like the new squared off look. Looks sharp.  Nikon lives or dies based on it's AF performance.

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