The P50 series has reverted to RGGB...

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Panino Manino
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Re: The P50 series has reverted to RGGB...

It really looks like the reason for the change was the sanctions. Huawei just couldn't get the sensors they wanted, they had to compromise with the alternative available sampling from Omnivision.

Supposedly it uses these sensors:
Omnivision OV50a (main)
Omnivision OV40a (black and white)
Omnivision OV13B10 (ultrawide)
Omnivision OV64b (zoom)

This also explains the different camera module/bump. Overall all sensors are smaller, with sizes of 1/1.5”, 1/1.7”, 1/3", 1/2”, which makes Huawei accomplishment here even more impressive.

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