What is easiest way to partition / multi-boot

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Allan Brown
Allan Brown Veteran Member • Posts: 3,064
what about Win 7?

This should be in response to Simon Garrett's post


Sorry for hijacking the thread but...

I have a new Win 10 desktop and I want to install Win 7 to a new partition for similar reasons to the OP's.

My version of CorelDraw (X3) will not run under Win 10 but works very well under Win 7.

I tried many methods of doing this but Win 7 will not install. It goes to the Starting Windows screen then hangs.

From what I have read is that Win 7 does not have the drivers etc. for newer computer hardware. Files that supposedly contain these drivers are no longer available.

I have tried loading Win 7 onto a stick with no luck.

One poster (Simon Garrett ) mentioned VirtualBox.

Will this allow me to install Win 7 to a) the same partition as Win 10 or b) the new partition already created by me (Drive F)?

What about the missing drivers etc? I presume Win XP will also have that issue.



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