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... i am unaware as to the durability of Panasonic; in general their other products seem to be of good quality, perhaps as good as Canon? ...

In addition to ANAYV's comments, my daughter still using my FZ150 and I'm still using my FZ200.  Plenty of posts on this forum of users using older Panasonic cameras.

When I bought the FZ200 as a upgrade to my FZ150, I looked at the SX40 HS. Compared to the FZ200 the SX40 HS in my hands felt like a cheap plastic toy camera.

I also have the FZ80. Overall the FZ80 has better build quality and far faster as to use/ operation. Note with all the SX## cameras you have to buy optional adapter to attach lens filter and/ or lens hood.

FZ80 has lens filter threads, but not the lens hood bayonet like the FZ200/ FZ300. On Amazon (HERE) I found a lens hood/ filter adapter. The adapter has a large enough ID with threads for 55mm filters. The interior of lens hood petals are shinny, so I used some 200 grit sandpaper to remove the shine.

... lower IQ is ok if not too bad, for me it is about getting the shot ...

Then for a 'new' camera the FZ80 will provide the best-bang-for-the-buck for its focal range/ features.

... regardless how close or far something is. ...

Even with a long focal length you still 'need' to get close enough so the subject fills the image area.(e.g., my post HERE)

Also the greater the camera-to-subject distance the greater existing ambient atmospheric conditions (air moisture, dust, heat waves, etc.) can deteriorate IQ.

Simple example:

ZS50 @ 50mm EFL; similar to eye FOV • Note red arrow pointing to building center background

ZS50 @ 720mm EFL from same location as the above pic.

View both of the above images at "original size" to see how ambient atmospheric conditions deteriorated IQ.


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