Bridge camera with manual focus ring?

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Re: Bridge camera with manual focus ring?

Jothi wrote:

7 (SEVEN) year-old post but here goes ...

Hi everyone, I'm a beginner.


I'm looking for a bridge camera


that has a manual focus ring.

It will be focus-by-wire ring.

It's good that it has about 30x zoom and very small and very big apertures like f/2.8 - f/22 (I want to obtain a very shallow depth of field for photographing flowers and animals

Pick "1"

and a very broad depth of field to photograph landscapes).

Done ... (w/ smaller sensor)

I don't want an articulated screen.

WHY NOT ... That is one of the main advantages of "digital", (not being tied to an "eye"-level OVF -- and non-articulated LCD is not much different) ???

With a FULLY-articulated LCD, you can shoot high-overhead, on-the-ground (pointing "up"), off-to-the-side, and even reversed for "selfies", (even better reversed to PROTECT the LCD from scratches while nested).

It can increase your photo shooting opportunities 10X.

I think all bridge cameras have manual aperture and shutter speed settings. And I'm looking for bulb mode

Bulb mode can be limited w/ digital anyway (compared to what was possible via film).

and remote shutter.

That is available ...


Well, it has been "7-SEVEN" years ... do you think he found it ???

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