What is easiest way to partition / multi-boot

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Re: Another approach...

Simon Garrett wrote:

If you mostly run W10, and just run XP for legacy purposes, and linux for learning, then another approach is to use Virtual Machines such as VirtualBox. This has the advantage that W10 is always running, and you can have windows open with multiple other operating systems running at the same time.

I have different VMs for W7 and XP for occasional legacy purposes, Ubuntu (linux) for developing Wordpress websites, W11 for evaluation...

Here for example, I have W11 in one window, Ubuntu in another, both running under W10:

This is a great solution, but keep in mind each VM requires RAM to run like it's a full OS (because it is!).  Since OP only has 4GB on his laptop, things could be pretty tight for running extra OSes on top of Windows 10.   As long as nothing was running on Windows 10 but virtual box and he didn't give the VMs more than 2GB and only ran 1 VM at a time, it could work.

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