Dry Scan with Epson Fluid Mount Accessory

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Re: Dry Scan with Epson Fluid Mount Accessory

Don Park wrote:

... I would appreciate it if anyone who attempted this solution or anyone who has an insights on scanning with Epson flatbed scanners.

My personal insight with a V500 is that I can get great results with large negatives laid directly on the glass, dry, and with no backing glass other than the scanner lid. This works so well that it has allowed me to to scan a 4x5 negative with the scan head that's only 70mm wide by shifting the negative and stitching the results.

Of course the value of this insight is probably dependent on the particular scanner, the particular negative, and the particular judgment of the user. It's possible that the V500 lens could have greater depth of field than some other Epsons, so that might be a factor.

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