help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

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thanks. i need to look up the image stabilization on the FZ80.

It works really good, IMHO.

This FZ80 shot I took came in 5th place in DPReview challenge:

1/20th at 1200mm , handheld. Subject is indoors and behind glass

for some reason i was lead to believe it had none, which didn't make a bit of sense to me as almost all of even the cheapest point and shoots have that basic feature.

i figured this forum may know.

the nikon p950 is an excellent bridge camera, probably much better than canon's sx50 or sx70 for that matter; of course always at the double or triple price.

I thinks it a great superzoom. Amazing details at 2000mm.

Amazing VR. Can handhold at 1/80th at 2000mm.

some things are better with the FZ80.

Few FZ80 shots :

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thanks, i looked up your review and note that you have used the sx50 also.

Yes I did. Sx50 has the better I.Q.

Only the P950 seems to have same level I.Q

FZ80 I.Q. is not at same level. Its lower.

P950 has much better VR ( 5.5 stops...Nikons best ever.)

do the two cameras compare?

FZ80 is faster...has better EVF..much better AF...way faster fps shooting....4k video...assignable function buttons...toughscreen...better ergonomics....8MP stills from 4k video ...lower resolution to 8MP and you get 1699mm reach.....but no tilt/ swivel LCD

it seems that you would favor the fz80.

Well...depends. If you are OK with a bit lower I.Q. then its a better overall camera...and way more fun to use.

yesterday, i called up my fave camera dealer and they are short of everything, no bridge cameras at all. he suggested the nikon 950/900.

P950 is a great superzoom camera...and my favorite of all. I owned over 12 of them...since 2004.

Hope this helps

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lower IQ is ok if not too bad, for me it is about getting the shot regardless how close or far something is.

about the only thing left is durability.

canon seems to be durable as well as nikon, but the sx50 is getting old and the FZ80 can be bought new.

i am unaware as to the durability of Panasonic; in general their other products seem to be of good quality, perhaps as good as Canon?

Anayv would you have an opinion on the quality/durability of Panasonic? thanks

Very durable.

My FZ80 has over 100,000 images taken.

It also fell while shooting family video...lens was at wide angle...but fell onto carpet...about 5 feet.

Still works !!!

Stay healthy


thanks.   100,000 shots, don't think the most of us will get even close to that or a fraction of that.  and with no mirror flip to go bad,  the durability box gets checked.

falling is unpredictable, i got a bunch of wrist straps off from Amazon, very cheap.  mostly i use the neck straps from canon or a tripod.

my concern with canon is that as these cameras age, there is the possibility for the electronics to get whacked out.  the FZ80 is close to the sx50 used, durability may be the deciding factor.

i found a FZ70 for about 150, but i think the features of the FZ80 could be more worth while.

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