EM1.1 Rear Dial Issue --- not again

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Re: EM1.1 Rear Dial Issue --- not again

Danielvr wrote:

This shows that a well known issue was never corrected in later production runs šŸ˜

The assumption that there has been more than one run may not be true.

As I understand it, Olympus camera bodies are manufactured in a single large run (well, that's how it was in the E-system days).

I think things were a bit different then - Oly probably sold more EM5 Mk1s than the entire lifespan of all models of DSLR E 4/3 cameras put together and not far off as many EM1 Mk1s -

Parts are another matter, Oly aren`t noted for updating poorly designed parts with "Fixed" versions, witness the dials on the EP5 for another, the tripod base on the EM5-III will be another - they just seemed to hope that they`d break out of warranty so they`d not have to foot the repair cost... its cost effective I guess but does nothing for customer loyalty .. Oly are out of it all now of course, Hopefully OMDS will be a lot more customer centric .

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