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Re: **Weekly Pentax Forum Photo Thread July 26 - August 1**

alex_virt wrote:

flektogon wrote:

Nice Alex. I think that that lens works better on film cameras. Btw. do you scan your negatives yourself?

I used to when I shot medium format. Now that I switched to 35mm, I prefer to order 30-megapixel lab scans. Expensive, but fantastic quality I wouldn't be able to achieve myself.

This lens works great on film – focal range is more natural, and the sharpness is great corner to corner (it would be a different story on the K1 I guess). I was afraid I would miss focus but missed it only in a dim restaurant. Outdoors, only two pictures of 30 are slightly OOF. I ordered a viewfinder magnifier for my Z-1P.

The main drawbacks of this lens are: push-pull design, size and weight, but those are downsides of a professional lens of that era. 775 g aren't that much for a zoom nowadays when top primes weigh over a kilo

Yes, I noticed very high quality of your "film" pictures. Regarding a push-pull zooming, this is actually the only feature on my Pentax-A 70-210/4 lens, which I wish was used on the Pentax-A 35-105/3.5 lens. Its zooming is painful .

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