Dry Scan with Epson Fluid Mount Accessory

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Re: Dry Scan with Epson Fluid Mount Accessory

SilverFast-LSI wrote:

Hi Don,

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your sharing of your real experiences. Now I am scanning 120 slide films and 120 color negative films using SilverFast 8 Ai Studio. After reading Mark Segal's paper, I ordered a Epson Fluid Mount Accessory, and am having difficulties sourcing an ANR glass (5x7 inches size). I am still waiting for response from a couple of ANR glass suppliers.

Have you tried your local print or art framing store?

No, not yet. I will start googling for the non-reflective glass being used for framing.

Regarding focus calibration, I have no idea how to use USAF-1951 resolution target.

Firstly, is that a transparency slide film or reflective medium? I hope it is a film medium.

It's available as a reflective medium and slide film.

I wonder how the 35mm slide film(in a frame) resolution target will be useful for determining the optimum height of the medium format film holder including Epson optional fluid mount accessory. The target must be put inside the dedicated 35mm slide film holder, not inside MF holder unless I tear the frame off and put the slide film directly on the MF holder.

Secondly, how to interprete or analyze the scanned output? Are there some kind of software program (together with the user manual) provided with the target in order for the buyer to analyze which setting is the best for the sharpest focus?

It's a fairly simple process and doesn't require a dedicated analysis software and will work with any scanning software.

We provide detailed instructions with all the necessary settings on how to scan the chart in a free PDF on our website, although SilverFast is being demoed in it.

I have read through a PDF document. But honestly I can barely understand how to do to calibrate the height of the film holder. Actually, I am not interested in finding the optimum resolution ppi to scan at. I am now concentrating on how to make my scanned slide film output look almost the same level of focus as seen on the light table with loupe.

Thanking in advance for your detailed introduction to the USAF-1951 resolution target,

Glad to be of help, Don.

- Jan

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