Handheld for 1 sec. with SD1 Merrill and 24-70 OS Art

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Re: Handheld for 1 sec. with SD1 Merrill and 24-70 OS Art

FDecker wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

FDecker wrote:

A beautiful picture, no doubt about it and for 1s exposure time, it is really sharp, well done. Not handheld in the pure meaning but still, your effort of laying down and using one hand on the ground as a "monopod" turned out pretty successfully.

Only one recommendation because I see it in a lot of your pictures: you could improve the visual impact of your images by a great margin if you'd take the 2 min to get rid of the dust marks. There are many of them and they are large and distract from an otherwise beautiful sky.

That's for sure Frank. Sorry, but I'm afraid to clean my sensor. I shouldn't be, because I have the dust protector from my SD14 around here somewhere, and I think they're interchangeable, right?

I don‘t think so. As Ted wrote, the filter function may be different.

But I didn‘t mean that you have to clean your sensor. This would be the best option, of course, but it would be enough to eliminate the dust spots in post-processing. This is what I meant mentioning 2min to clean up the picture.

Oh, I see. Yeah, it would definitely look better . . . and yes, I certainly could take the OOC jpeg into GIMP and clean it up by retouching, like this:

Retouched OOC jpeg in GIMP

It took me about five minutes to do this on my old MacBook Air, and I only touched up the sensor spots, when editing - nothing else. What I should do with this image is make any adjust the raw file, export two versions to high-quality TIFF files - one sharpened and one not - combine those in GIMP, and retouch the resulting low-noise image, because the OOC jpeg has been sharpened, which brings out the noise a bit, in my opinion. I think this image, if done right, could look less noisy, and therefore maybe a little better.

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