Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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and it is starting to cost Sony. C'mon Sony, fix this.

There is nothing that needs to be fixed?

If I want to focus stack - I'll do it. I don't need the camera to do it for me.

Seriously, how is THAT a feature that determines whether one purchases a particular camera or not? That would be so far down on my want-list from a camera it would need a stepladder just to see the undersides of my ankles.

I think you are making the same mistake that many others made when discussing this earlier. You appear not to understand the difference between focus stacking and auto focus bracketing. They are not the same thing at all. The penny now seems to be dropping and Sony users are beginning to look at images (you will also find examples in this thread, that show what auto focus bracketing can do.

What do you want to say here?

Focus bracketing (shifting focus slightly in front and byond the focus point)?

Focus bracketing (taking a series of photos between closer and further focus points)?

Focus bracketing (bracketing and stacking the images in camera)?

This is all about focus bracketing.

Or from micro4/3 forum, have a look at this.

But that image sensor is tiny and the images are noisy compared to FF images.

There are lots more examples and discussions of focus bracketing on other camera forums.

Note that it was done handheld.

Just like what can be done with a Sony. Hand hold, take a series of photos while focusing.

That is how the creative ones find a way.

Those who want the camera to do everything automatically are completely lost.

Sony do have focus bracketing and stacking software for professional users. They add a computer and get professional results - no flaws and no artefacts.

This tired argument tries to frame those of us who want focus bracketing as incompetent or lazy photographers. That's absurd. Focus bracketing is no different than exposure bracketing in the role it plays in landscape photography. I doubt any of us advocating for focus bracketing (which is not focus staking--I feel like that needs to be often repeated) don't know how to manually take differently-focused shots. But doing so can slightly move the camera and, more importantly, takes a lot more time, which creates a much higher chance that movement in the scene will create noticeable blur once the shots are stacked in post. If Sony crippled its firmware to not allow a way to take continous shots at all, would you be on here defending Sony and telling people that truly creative photographers would be able to get the same results without it? Because that's how ridiculous your argument sounds.

And it's also not true. Sony doesn't have it for "Professional users". What they have is an API that can control some aspects of the camera with a Laptop, and has nothing to do with being one thing or another. I wish Sony would remove exposure bracketing, since it's also in the API, and since "pros" have access to it via the API, only rookies would complain. It's risible as an argument.

Sony doesn't have it because they don't want to offer it. PlayMemories could access focusing, and the API can, so there's no reason why it can't be done with a firmware update.

Sorry but I am losing touch with which arguments are being replied to here and who of the above are replying to who. So some general comments.

Focus bracketing makes possible shots that just cannot be done otherwise. Check this thread also discussing the same subject. Read each of the posts and look at the examples. Note the number of exposures that have been used in some of these images. No matter how "competent" a photographer you are, try doing those without a tripod. Try doing them manually. Tell us how you go.

You might as well argue that because something wasn't possible in early film days and photographers had to improvise or simply not do some kinds of shots, we therefore should all get rid of our digital devices because "real photographers" shouldn't need them. Bizarre.

And as for the argument that the Oly sensor is tiny!!!!! The size of the sensor has nothing, zilch. zip to do with focus bracketing. Golly, just imagine how good the results of FB could be on a Sony!

Yet again, I suspect that some of the anti voices simply don't understand what this topic is about. I understand that many users may not ever explore the potential of their cameras. That's cool. I have never used the video capabilities of my A7R3. We have video for those that want to use it because once you have a digital camera, the jump up to expand the technology for video isn't a big leap.

Photography is now an electronics technology and computational image making is the moving frontier.

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