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Re: Size / weight / noise

Rick620 wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

I saw the main selling points of EVIL as:

1) Got rid of the mirror box - this saved them the flange distance space needed to clear the mirror and allowed for more optical design choices in lenses.

2) Got rid of the separate AF sensor - saved them design complexity in alignment of the AF sensor to the image sensor. But added complexity and processor load onto the image sensor doing duel roles.

3) WYSIWYG on the viewfinder - or at least closer than what an optical VF could provide.

4) Improved AF for video.

EVIL allows one to design small bodies but if the users want bigger bodies because they want to use big and heavy 600mm lenses with them - they can do that too. Just look at how big the Sony A1 or the A9s are - they can be both fast and small.

I agree. However, as I understand it (maybe not that well!) ‘physics is physics’ and if you want a FF ML camera with all the easily available functionality/controls, such as on the high end ‘pro’ DSLR bodies that are endlessly debated, then you’ll still finish up with a similar size body despite the differences you outline above.

The whole ‘ML is smaller’ (than what?) , without adding caveats that may allow that to be the case, is a myth it seems to me?

My Z6II is undoubtedly smaller etc than my old D850 but I was prepared to accept fewer controls on the body etc etc and my reasons for ditching DSLRs were nothing to do with size/weight.

Again - are you talking about Nikon's EVIL or EVIL in general?

So according to the guy who oversaw AP's move from Nikon and Canon - he listed 3 factors in AP's move to EVIL or Sony's version of EVIL at least.

1) Size

2) Weight

3) Noise

I personally have a love / hate relationship with the size and weight of the D5 - i love it when I am shooting with it - everything's is where I need it to be. I hate it when i have to carry it around when I am not shooting.

We have no idea what the weight of the Z9 is going to be but I am guessing it's going to be lighter than the D6...

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