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John Sheehy wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Oswego wrote:

It was on the CF Express card. It is a ProGrade 128 gb card. I see the distorted images as I review the images in camera. I checked the jpeg images that are recorded to the SD card and they have the distortion as well.

Then it is clearly occurring internally in the camera, which is what I assumed to be true, because card problems are not likely to cause patterns like that, especially with JPEGs, which do not have individual pixel lines to be read or written; JPEGs work one 8x8 tile at a time in the channels of its own color space, and usually gives tiled corruption artifacts.

The two outer of the three panels are getting blank (black) horizontal RAW pixel lines, and probably auto white balance is tinting the image wrongly because of that. What color is it if you use a WB appropriate for the light? I would guess normal in the center panel.

Did you notice that the lines are actually not quite horizontal? Also if you scan around the striped areas at 1:1 you will see what looks like sharp physical 'dust' in some areas. There's something very odd about this.

There is lens correction, the reason for the rings where the dark lines are. That's what happens to perfectly straight RAW lines after lens correction.

Ah you're right, it's added barrel distortion (i.e. subtracted pincushion). I should have realised.

The dark specs look to me like mapped out pixels that are getting their median value from high contrast edges of the blank/black lines. You usually don't notice them, because the lines would have values that were not black right next to lines with high values from exposure, and they would not stick out like that. It shows how many mapped-out pixels there really are.

Wow, amazing if true.

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