Is auto ISO fixed with fill flash?

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Re: Is auto ISO fixed with fill flash?

Jigal wrote:

Hi Kev The Doc,

Kev The Doc wrote:

If you’re setting exposure manually and still getting underexposed shots then most likely your flash is putting out it’s max output but it’s still not enough (the flash tells you this on the screen for a few seconds right after the shot),

I tried a few shots but nothing changed on the display of the TT685.

If you don’t see a message on the flash screen (I think the message is “Hi”) then your flash hasn’t maxed out yet, so try manually setting the power to full.

so adjusting the flash comp won’t necessarily fix the problem, you may need to increase the ambient exposure on the camera.

It probably depends on the type of subject if that is a solution. Moving (sometimes pretty fast moving) black and white pups really ask for faster shutter speeds or the situation that practically no ambient light is used and the short flash freezes the action.

For the lighting problems I experience I guess it's just a matter of "You're gonna need a bigger flash". Either that or the camera or flash is malfunctioning. From my memory the exposures were better some weeks ago; I'll have a look at earlier photos to see if the histograms support that memory.

For more power the Godox AD200 is a very versatile little beast, almost three times the power of on camera flashes like the 685 but still quite portable (i have three 😀). You can use it off camera in combo with your 685!

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