Dry Scan with Epson Fluid Mount Accessory

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Re: Dry Scan with Epson Fluid Mount Accessory

It's been a while since I compared the different available filmholder options. I compared the filmholder from Epson, which for the V850 received an upgrade for the height adjustment in comparison to the V750 holders, the Epson fluid mount accessory (without the extra ANR/museum glass but with dry and wet mounting) and the third-party holders from better scanning.com. I used one of our USAF-1951 resolution charts as an aid to find the best resolution. If I remember correctly the Betterscanning holders came out first, although literally en par with the Epson fluid mount holder and wet mounting. The extra tray coming with the Epson fluid mount accessory is really useful when mounting your originals dry or wet. I would like to add I put the chart in the center of the holder only.

I came to the conclusion to go with the Epson fluid mount holder when scanning my 120 or 4x5 film, but only if I used my best lenses and the heavy duty tripod with low ISO during capture and developed in my trusted lab. I guess it's just personal preference because of how the holder handles thanks to the tray. I used to do a lot of wet mounting for Heidelberg drum scanners in my pre SilverFast career, so I'm used to the process. For my regular 35mm and medium format film, I'm completely happy with the film holders that came with the scanner with the height adjusted prior to scanning, although the handling is quite fiddly. Rarely ever have much trouble with the level of focus. - Jan

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