Sony Alpha 1, SEL 200-600 or Canon R5, RF 100-500

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Re: Excellent unbiased comparison video

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You see a lot of bias on the topic. Tony Northrup got flamed by some when he said the R5 AF was better than the A1. But good number of reviewers now have said the same. Personally I shoot a lot of video, an there the AF gap really widens. Sony left animal and bird focus off for video for some unknown reason.

Jan goes does an excellent job here. I find it interesting the due to the focus breathing often there is much less of a difference between 500mm and 600mm, but the difference between 100mm and 200mm is large. IS on the combos also had a big gap between them.

Enjoy the video!

f7.1... f6.3.

1/3rd of a stop difference. My bet is you can't see the difference in the photos.

I'd be curious to see the T-stops, because it could be even closer.

As said f6.3 is already pushing it for me. It was only 1/3rd stop from f5.6 so I took the hit. so really f7.1 is 2/3rd stop difference for me.

Or conversely speaking I used to use 100-400mm+1.4x which was f8. With 200-600mm I get 2/3rd stop more light, with f7.1 I gain only 1/3rd stop.

I can definitely notice 2/3rd stop difference.

But you know the difference is only 1/3rd of a stop right? You seem very confused.

I don't need more than 2-3 stops which Sony provides.

OK, I'll put this with the 1/3rd stop is really 2/3rds stops comment. Anyway I am glad you found ways to justify liking your camera. That is what matters most and there is no reason you should not be happy.

You really shouldn't take sentences out of context that's as bad putting words in people's mouth.

I did also explain why I'd like canon's 8 stop IBIS which you have ignored (and which areas I don't really need IBIS due to high shutter speeds).

Note: the Canon 8 stop IBIS is very limited. One need the correct lens and the conditions have to be right and the 8 stop claim is very optimistisk. Just check out all requirements to get that (inflated) 8 stop IBIS advantage.

Like saying that Sony has an 6 stop IBIS advantage if using 14 mm os shorter focal lenghts.

Sony is conservative, IBIS is pretty good but not best inclass.

What Sony has focused on lately is speed (stacked image sensors) and auto focus (just aim at the focus point, half press the shutter, and recompose and track). Guess better IBIS lie in the future when a new IBIS unit is ready.

having tested the R5 myself, I could handhold 1-2s exposure with RF 15-35mm lens. I cannot do that with any Sony lens with some confidence. I could eventually get a 1s exposure on Sony with 24-105mm but that's with a fair bit of trial and error.

Even with their 85mm f1.2 I could get exposures 1/2s-1s exposures which is amazing. Could never get that with any 85mm lens on Sony.

R5 IBIS is really amazing (for a FF camera, m43/Oly is better but that's a smaller sensor). Its better than Sony A1 anyway.

As I said in the other thread only reason I stayed with Sony was for the lenses. RF hasn't got alternatives for my main lenses on Sony.

Looks like your seem have a canon bias which you are trying to push for some reason.

That is ok. But he should be honest about it.

Cameras are different but not that different.

Actually lousy photographers get just as lousy images regardless what camera they get. Even if the IBIS says 8 stops - on paper.

That is fine if that's what you like doing to justify your camera, you too should be happy. No reason you should not be happy

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