What Are Your Voting Criteria?

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Re: What Are Your Voting Criteria?

I use more or less the same system as Mike(REHS) above. Starting at 2,5 is the picture meets the host rules, then add or remove points depending on composition, use of light, etc.

In addition I give extra points for pictures that show an intent. When the photographer has obviously made an effort to avoid clichés. In other words, when there is some originality. I also give extra points when I can immediately grasp the intent of the photographer and, at the same time, the picture gives me lots to explore.

I know this can be subjective. Your idea of a book is fine, but I would object that a book has a purpose. I imagine a book about farming for instance, if one wants to publish aesthetic pictures, or really want to show the daily chores, the voting would probably be very different.

Oh, and BTW I have two extra 'rules':
- never vote in a challenge I have entered
- vote for all the pictures of a same challenge, and not only the ones I like/dislike.

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