Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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What about flawed in-camera processing

Platographer wrote:

We want focus bracketing (though in-camera stacking as an additional option would be fine). I don't know why so many people confuse focus bracketing and focus stacking.

Some want bracketing, some want stacking, and some want both.

Or you could define bracketing as the physical change of focus, and stacking as the software process when merging the stacked sfiles. That would be more correct.

Any serious landscape photographer who wants to print large knows the value of focus bracketing, the results of whicher, contrary to the tired repeated assertions by some, cannot fully be replicated by third-party hardware or manually taking multiple shots.

Why can't this be done manual, at post processing? All in-camera processing I have seen (HDR, panorama, focus braceting and stacking, are flawed, due to reduced computer power and lack of control.

Automated focus bracketing can not fully eliminate trees and grass moving in the wind, waves in water, moving animals, or other elements that are not static.

With high resolution full frame sensors, you need more power and precision than when working with 20 Mp files and MFT cameras.

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