Would you recommend a GX8 in 2021?

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Mechanical exposure compensation dials

stokey wrote:

Yxa wrote:

It has a dedicated exposure compensation dial.

And that is a big drawback, it's a real pain to adjust exposure. The dial is hard to turn, has limited range with a clumsy method of extending the range and in A or S mode the front and rear dial fuctions are duplicated. Much better to have exposure comp. on one of the front or rear dials.


The mechanical exposure compensation dial on the GX9 is a PITA, put there, presumably, the rave “retro” look  (as  they all are).

On the GX9 like most Panasonic camera bodies (at least) you can see the set Exposure Compensation (EC) the instant the camera fires up. Click and a twirl of the rear dial and you can change it in an instant.

So why do we need a mechanical EC dial taking up valuable space on the top plate just so that the exposure compensation can be set before you switch the camera on. When fired up the camera body visually estimates the EV effect - with a dead camera you just guess or use your experience.  Take a test photograph and adjust the EC anyway?

I disabled mine as it was simply too easy to confuse it with the regular rear dial when in a hurry. Retro-fashion ousts common sense and just needs another dial to clutter up the clean interface. Don’t get me going on the subject of a shutter speed dial - given the magic of digital control are we so desperate to have our camera bodies reverse engineered into analogue just so they might “look cool”.

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