Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: I doubt Sony would include focus stacking in any existing camera by a firmware update

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and it is starting to cost Sony. C'mon Sony, fix this.

There is nothing that needs to be fixed?

If I want to focus stack - I'll do it. I don't need the camera to do it for me.

Seriously, how is THAT a feature that determines whether one purchases a particular camera or not? That would be so far down on my want-list from a camera it would need a stepladder just to see the undersides of my ankles.

I think you are making the same mistake that many others made when discussing this earlier. You appear not to understand the difference between focus stacking and auto focus bracketing. They are not the same thing at all. The penny now seems to be dropping and Sony users are beginning to look at images (you will also find examples in this thread, that show what auto focus bracketing can do.

Or from micro4/3 forum, have a look at this. There are lots more examples and discussions of focus bracketing on other camera forums.

Note that it was done handheld.

I mainly shoot landscapes. I'd love to have been able to take this shot with my Sony.

Over at the Canon R forum there have been several examples with the focus bracketing feature those bodys have, for instance this thread:
The images at the bottom of the long list of very nice images the OP post are stacked (see under each image in the text where it stands if it is a stack or not, you need to scroll down quite much to come to the stacked ones).

Also interesting that the Canon 100 mm macro shows it magnification level in the live view.

actually I'd be happy with the image quality level of the images before the stacked ones come at the bottom.

I think this is a hype topic for some and I fully respect the wish for it - since I have my own wishes.

Mine are predominately certain lenses and higher resolving sensors.

That said - the new canon macro lens is more what I'd be longing for, if at all.

We'll get a gorgeous GM macro sooner or later and I will be probably first in line for ordering one.

In case an A7R IV successor would get the same sensor and in camera focus stacking I'd probably not invest in a new camera body - the times when I do such shots is too seldom.

Whenever I need focus bracketing I do it from tripod by hand and it works well enough in the given image quality of the sensor.

Same goes with high fps rates - I simply do that too seldom and I almost never shoot BIF - that's why an Alpha One has absolutely no appeal to me being a low res camera body (seen from a future 102 MP camera perspective)

I want MP and DR and potentially 16 bit / color channel - I'd invest a fortune in those features. would not invest a single penny in the same sensor and color depth with a few software features on top.

The A7R IV does everything I need at this point in time. In case such a feature would be released in a firmware update I'd surely try it out and maybe like it - but I would not invest in a 4+ k EUR camera body for such a feature - never ever.

It's always the lenses that make the difference - the new RF macro seems to be a really capable lens. For photographers interested in macro work surely THE game changer.

Times flys and while we're debating Sony is probably preparing a new GM macro for market release within the coming months.

BUT the majority of images of the everyday Joe is landscape, architecture, portraiture and a bit of event and action photography - many many features are good enough and e.g. my brain works very well still - I can simulate a lot of software features and actually I love talking about these features in forums - in case the camera does it for me a part of the fun is probably gone.

Disclaimer - I drive a manual stick in my sports car - needless top say. ( I hardly understand why anyone would want an automated transmission in a fun car )

Automated focus stacking is relevant for a small ( loud ) group of people and Sony will eventually include it in future cameras. Being forced to buy it in a new camera body with questionable other enhancements this is not very tempting for me. I doubt Sony would include it in any existing camera - as long as this new camera doesn't have 102 MP I am probably not interested at all.

We want focus bracketing (though in-camera stacking as an additional option would be fine). I don't know why so many people confuse focus bracketing and focus stacking.

I understand your desire for new lenses and a higher-resolution sensor, but they are hardware innovations that will require significant time and expense on Sony's part. Therefore, they are simply not comparable to focus bracketing, which is a simple firmware feature that does not require updated hardware. It is frustrating when people make these comparisons. Surely, landscape photography is one of the big target markets of the A7Riv. Any serious landscape photographer who wants to print large knows the value of focus bracketing, the results of which, contrary to the tired repeated assertions by some, cannot fully be replicated by third-party hardware or manually taking multiple shots.

Well high MP has other uses other than landscape, Sony didn't design this particularly aimed for landscape photogs. Tho i do think this could be added in firmware updates but Sony simply prefers to add it thru a new body, if they do anyway

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