The "neither needed nor wanted" focus stacking ...

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Re: The "neither needed nor wanted" focus stacking ...

Thanks deednet. Giving some examples makes the point. Actually, I think the examples you posted in the original thread do it better.. For those who haven't found it buried in the various twists and turns

or consider this and read the discussion that goes with it.

No expensive lens required, no tripod to lug. Although a tripod helps.

Sony was one of the first brands to "get" the possibilities of digital and computational image making in the first Nex models. That's when I got excited about Sony and mirrorless. Sony had the Handheld Twilight mode that was a precursor of some of these things. They seem to have gone off the pace. And it isn't just focus bracketing. Check out Capture Pro, Any one like this on a Sony? Capture Pro is the Oly name for this mode. It is on other brands as well and there it get different names.

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