The end of the compact camera

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Re: Niche is just fine

mamallama wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

mamallama wrote:

No. The future has ended for the compact camera as we know them. The reason that most people used compact cameras has been completely swallowed up by smartphones and then some.

So 'the future has ended'. Interesting.

As we know them for sure.

A few die hards will hang onto them like some hang onto film but for both it’s just a niche future.

Wait - you just said the compact camera future has ended,

Yes, I did. as we know them.

but now you say it will persist as a niche - like film (and also instant cameras). I'll agree with that.

They will wallow on as a niche player of photography in the future,

Wallow? Something wrong with saying they will continue?

mainly by those who don't want to admit that the future of their market has been overtaken by smartphones.

Or by those who are quite aware of the situation but don't let it dictate their behavior.

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