The end of the compact camera

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Travis Nicky Bombastus
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Re: The end of the compact camera

Fogel70 wrote:

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

Fogel70 wrote:

Bob A L wrote:

I respectfully disagree. But will not try to explain.

Ok. then it is not easy to know what you mean.

But, do you really believe that making the software in a large sensor smartphone stop down the aperture is more difficult than to make fake DOF with a small sensor smartphone?

You can blur what's already sharp; how can you bring into focus what's completely blurred?

Why make a blurred image in the first place? Just stop down the aperture before the image is captured like on any large sensored camera.

Large cameras do not use software to simulate a stopped down aperture. You suggested using "software in a large sensor smartphone to simulate the DOF from a small sensor smartphone."

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