Not a Mirrorless in sight….

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. . . at the Nikon Booth. Elsewhere . . .

lickity split wrote:

Ever since I joined DPR the Mirrorless customers bragged that MILC was the future and it’s better than DSLR’s at everything ,we’ll it’s been almost a decade and still none of pros have switched when it matters most, the Olympics is here again and still MILC cameras are NOT and I repeat NOT found at the Nikon Booth in Tokyo, i sure plenty of pros tried one out of curiosity just to see how it performs only to quickly put it back down and pick up their trusted D5-D6.

Alas, what is (or isn't) going on in the Nikon booth doesn't currently define the state of the art.

Most professionals photographing the Olympics are shooting equipment made by someone else.

The Canon and Sony camps, each of which currently services a larger share of professionals than Nikon, offer a different, more representative perspective on mirrorless popularity. Remember, all of the major western press pools--AP, etc.--shoot Sony. Have been for some time, now.

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