fp L DNG: SPP doesn't like PSE 2020

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Tom Schum
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fp L DNG: SPP doesn't like PSE 2020

I was playing with fp L DNGs downloaded from DPR, and found that if I open the DNG with PSE 2020 (it uses ACR 12.0 for this) and then save a JPG using PSE 2020, that DNG is modified and then SPP will not show any editable files in the directory. No JPGs, no DNGs.

Remove the ACR-modified DNG and replace it with the untouched fp L DNG, and SPP will show all the files (JPG and DNG).

Is this a bug in SPP or in my computer? Have any of you seen this?  I'd like to know your comments.

It seems if you like to edit DNGs in SPP be sure to NOT also use PSE 2020.  I am assuming any use of Adobe Camera Raw will cause this problem, but not sure about it.

Below is a detailed list of the many steps I followed to determine this. No reason to read it unless you want to re-trace my steps for yourself.

Booted computer (Windows 10, core i5, 8Gb ram).
Started SPP 6.8.1
Went to directory that contained an untouched fp L DNG (92,435kb).
Double-clicked on thumbnail and opened DNG.
Set Luminance and Chroma noise reduction to minimum.
Set Exposure to -0.8, set Fill Light to +0.2.
Exported half size JPG.
Closed edit window.
Exited SPP.
Started Photoshop Elements 2020 (PSE2020).
Started editor.
Opened the same DNG. PSE2020 used Camera Raw 12.0 to open the file.
Set all noise reduction and detail sliders to zero.
Opened image.
Image appeared in PSE 2020 edit window.
Clicked Auto Smart Fix.
Downsized to 1/4 original pixels (bilinear algorithm).
Adjusted sharpness (60% at radius 0.3 pixels).
Exported a JPG.
Closed file.
Exited PSE 2020.
Started SPP: no images were visible in the thumbnail view (no JPGs, no DNG).
Went to another directory, opened a JPG.
Increased saturation to +1.0, then exported a halfsize JPG.
Closed edit window.
Went back to original directory, still no images visible in thumbnail view.
Meanwhile, windows shows all images in that directory.
DNG file was smaller now, 72,426kb.
Exited SPP.
Rebooted computer.
Started SPP.
Again, preview window shows no files at all.
I can go to the different area where I have stored an untouched version of the DNG and it still shows up.
Exited SPP.
Started PSE 2020.
Started editor.
Clicked "Open" and all files were visible.
Opened the JPG exported from SPP earlier. Closed it without making changes.
Started SPP. Now SPP and PSE 2020 are running.
Made a new test directory.
Copied JPGs into it. They were visible in the SPP thumbnail view.
Copied the untouched DNG into that directory.
Again SPP was able to show all three in the thumbnail view.
Removed the untouched DNG and replaced it with a copy of the smaller one.
Remember the smaller one appeared after exporting a JPG from PSE 2020.
This time, no files were visible in the SPP thumbnail view (no JPGs, no DNG).
I deleted the copy of the altered smaller DNG.
I copied the untouched DNG and pasted it into this test directory.
All files were once again visible in the SPP thumbnail view (JPGs and DNG).

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