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Re: "Format SD card" in camera

pmgnut wrote:

davidedric wrote:

pmgnut wrote:

What does this mean? If I choose this option will it delete all photos from my sd card?


Do most people save their sd card once it's full and store it or do most delete everything from the card to use over again?

Gawd no, I absolutely would not save files on SD cards.  For one they aren't meant to be used for long-term storage.  For another, you should be saving your photos to a proper hard drive and then have at least 1 external backup.  Two would be even better, depending on how much you value your photos.  Third, trying to find a particular photo from a handful of SD cards would be a PITA.

After I download photos off the card to my hard drive, the card goes back into rotation with several other cards.  It gets formatted when next it goes into the camera.  The hard drive is backed up to another internal drive, and also to an external drive that's rotated with one that's kept in a storage locker.


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