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Re: There are dozens of alternatives, but you don't need them

Toronto Photography wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Toronto Photography wrote:

... for high speed, say at night for wildlife, bats in flight for example.

1/200s will be fine for that. Use it.

Lets clarify I have no plans to take a photo of a bat

I wonder why you said that if it's something you have no plans to actually do.

so here are some examples a hire speed flash would be useful

I assume you mean a shutter speed higher than 1/200s.

-Bird with rapid flying wings in shadow (forest etc)

1/200s should be fine there because shadow (forest, etc.) implies that 1/200s won't be recording much ambient light, and the flash will stop the motion.

-Close range of birds in poor lighting conditions, dung take off

1/200s should be fine there because the poor lighting conditions imply that 1/200s won't be recording much ambient light, and the flash will stop the motion.

-Same far range, but I assume no solution unless you set up some kind o f remote flash far away highly unlikely.

1/200s should be fine there if you keep the flash local, though you could trigger everything remotely. Remote flash far away can quickly become useless depending on what far away means.

-Sports, using aperture to make all but the subject dark (via flash)

-Water, at high speeds, which typically needs a flash or it way too dark ideally at 1/8000 of a second with flash or light

Since I shoot Guerrilla style what I will be shooting varies on the day and the moment. For example I might be heading out for birds and do butterflys instead.

If you really need (or think you need) shutter speeds a lot faster than roughly 1/200s, the basic answers have already been given:

1) There is such a thing as HSS (High Speed Sync), and similar approaches with names like Hypersync. They come with a number of caveats, though, a primary one being that a great deal of the light put out with such techniques is totally wasted at all speeds faster than normal flash sync instead of actually contributing to the shot. Depending on the details of the situation, that means you could require massively powerful flash units, and or multiple ones. Still, by all means, look into HSS for your system. It has some definite uses.

2) Since it's mainly focal plane shutters that impose those 'slow' shutter speeds, use a camera with a leaf shutter instead. There are mainstream bridge and compact cameras that can sync an ordinary (non-HSS) flash at any available speed because they have leaf shutters.

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