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Re: Size of a DSLR

T O Shooter wrote:

sandy b wrote:

Looks the size of a DSLR. Wasn't the main selling point of Nikon ML that it was small?

But to get a really good one you have to make it big. And lower the bar when creating the D6 to be able to say that the big Z9 is as good or better?? Whatever works I guess.

I saw the main selling points of EVIL as:

1) Got rid of the mirror box - this saved them the flange distance space needed to clear the mirror and allowed for more optical design choices in lenses.

2) Got rid of the separate AF sensor - saved them design complexity in alignment of the AF sensor to the image sensor. But added complexity and processor load onto the image sensor doing duel roles.

3) WYSIWYG on the viewfinder - or at least closer than what an optical VF could provide.

4) Improved AF for video.

EVIL allows one to design small bodies but if the users want bigger bodies because they want to use big and heavy 600mm lenses with them - they can do that too. Just look at how big the Sony A1 or the A9s are - they can be both fast and small.

Again - are you talking about Nikon's EVIL or EVIL in general?

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