Getting into paid photography, a marketing question

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Getting into paid photography, a marketing question

Primarily I got into photography to photo/video my own projects, but after acquiring the gear I thought maybe I can also make some of my cost back by providing photographers services. Perhaps starting with graduation photography then moving up to some more difficult ones like wedding.

So I offered a friend of a friend to take her graduation photos for free in exchange that I can use them for marketing, then posted on Facebook marketplace.

At first I thought it was an excellent idea, within minutes had an interested client. Quick easy money, and fun way to get out of the house too, and getting some extra camera practice is an added bonus!

But.. then Facebook banned my Marketplace item, as apparently you're not allowed to advertise services. Not sure how those other 5 photographers in my university town got away with it.

So I guess I have two choices:

a) Make a website instead, with proper SEO, and hope that people web-search for graduation photography in my town and it leads them to my website.

-Sounds like lot of work, especially since my photographer-for-hire plan is just a side hustle.

-Do these young graduates even use web-search any more? Sometime I feel like they mostly just use social media

b) Pay for Facebook ads

-I feel like it's unethical to financially support that company.

-I feel like Ads have a bad vibe to them. Personally I never ever click ads, whereas Marketplace has a more casual feel to it, a kind of "Wow I'm getting a great deal as I found this photography student" kind of feel.

I guess there's no easy answer, it's a usual case of "everything is unprofitable at small scale, unless you focus everything into it then you can build a big business out of it". Just thought someone might have an interesting take on this dilemma.

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