Lighting Technique and Getting Better

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Re: Lighting Technique and Getting Better

Penn's work really runs the gamut. If you posted a handful of images you're looking to inch closer to, we can help with specifics.

I'll also say you can get a lot done with one light and a reflector/negative fill. Not as much as two lights, but plenty to start from.

Here's some of the tools at your disposal:

Light modifier, its character, coverage and exposure. Small and hard source (bare reflector) vs. a 35" octa affect all three greatly (for example).

Then, you're going to play with position. But to spare you a lot of trouble, FWIW many, many of my shoots have the key light in either the 7:30/4:30 position (feathered), or over camera, centered. I get a lot of travel out of those two positions. Height is relative to your subject - too high and they'll have raccoon eyes; too low and they won't have a defined chin.

Lastly, relative distances. How close is the light to your subject? How close is your subject to the wall/surface behind them?

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