The end of the compact camera

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Re: The end of the compact camera

davidedric wrote:

Slimpie1972 wrote:

I have a question for all of you.

Is the compact camera dead or do we think there is a future for this kind of camera?

I haven't seen any compact camera released in the past year and longer. What is your opinion.

I think there is a future (else I wouldn't have the RX100 vii), but I've no idea of the size of the market.

If we use the CIPA shipping data as proxy for market size, then ~3.5m "cameras with built-in lens" (i.e. compacts and bridge cameras) were shipped worldwide in 2020, and ~1.2m so far this year. That's almost 40% of the market for dedicated cameras in 2020, and about 35% this year. In other words, a substantial part of the market in terms of unit volume, but it's not nearly as profitable as the ILC segment, especially mirrorless.

And by the way, Ricoh released a tough compact earlier this year, the WG-7. It seems to only be available in Japan, though.

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