The end of the compact camera

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Re: The end of the compact camera

mamallama wrote:

Slimpie1972 wrote:

I have a question for all of you.

Is the compact camera dead or do we think there is a future for this kind of camera?

No. The future has ended for the compact camera as we know them. The reason that most people used compact cameras has been completely swallowed up by smartphones and then some. A few die hards will hang onto them like some hang onto film but for both it’s just a niche future.

In a few years, this might end up being true for most other "real cameras" as well--a few die hards hanging onto them, not because they produce superior results, but simply because they like the "form and process"--kinda like sticking with the rotary dial phone because you like the feel of putting your finger in the hole and rotating the dial.

I haven't seen any compact camera released in the past year and longer. What is your opinion.

I would like to see the camera industrie make a compact camera that outperforms the performance of a smartphone, but with the inteligence of the smartphone. A compact camera has more room for better optics and a larger sensor so it should not be difficult to produce a compact camera that outperforms a smartphone if we put the intelegence of a smartphone in the camera.

The question that remains is: what do we think is "compact"?

I would say something like a sony rx100 would be compact.

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