The Olympus E-10; What It's Done For Me.

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The Olympus E-10; What It's Done For Me.

This is my first posting to DPReview, although I have been "lurching" for some time now. I have read numerous messages from people in the same situation as myself..."What digital camera best suites my needs and will mean the least trade-offs when switching from film!" After following the "career" of the E-10 from the first announcement until a couple of weeks ago and agonizing over every miniscule "pro and con" of the camera, I finally made the leap. I sold my Nikon F5 system and bought an Olympus E-10. Believe me it hurt to give up my film camera. But my mind was made up...I had spend my last "all-nighter" scanning endless rolls of film, my last hour touching up dust-spots and scanner imperfections; I was declaring an end to my painful addiction to film! While this might sound a little dramatic, I'm sure many of you can relate...we spend WAY too much time "fixing up" the work we've already done and not enough time doing what we actually enjoy.... TAKING PICTURES!!!

After one week with the E-10, I can genuinely report that I made the correct least as far as my situation is concerned. Everyone has different wants and needs relating to their work. My need was to cut down on the amount of "post-shoot work" and free up more time for picture taking. Is the E-10 the best camera to "make your move" with? Maybe, maybe not. Was the E-10 the best camera for me? Maybe, maybe not. But...I am definitely happy with the camera and despite a few shortcomings, it is a good camera that with your help , is capable of quality photos! The files are cleaner than what I was getting with scanned film and are capable of reasonable enlargement. The first print I made from an E-10 file printed on my Epson 1270 knocked me off my feet! After a week of shooting and getting used to a new workflow, I miss the F5 just a little...but I can't...wouldn't if I could...go back.

I'm happy to report that in the last week, especially after finishing up with the jobs I had left on film, I have had time to shoot a ton of pictures. For those of you wondering what type of photos this camera is capable of here are some samples that I hope you will enjoy. Could they have been made with another digital camera that the E-10? Probably...most definitely. So take them for what they are; photos taken by someone who has been "liberated" from many film related costs, both financial and temporal, and been spared some time to get down and just ENJOY what he's doing. After all...isn't that what good equipment is supposed to do?

Click below to see my other samples on Zing.

Now as a small reward for wading through this monster post, here is a tip for those of you who are stuck in "My E-10 won't work with Fotoshow - Digital Wallet - Laptop Computer - Clik Drive - Lots of Money For Large Compact Flash Cards - A Hopeful Olympus Firmware Update - or Never Shooting More Than 32mb Worth of Pictures at a Time My Best Option" mode. Here's what I did after going through exactly what you're going through. After finding that compact flash cards go for $3/mb around town and $2 to $2.50/mb on the net, I found a company in California that markets compact flash cards. Check out the price for the 30mb cards compared to the 32mb cards! I was flabbergasted! Compact flash for less than $1.30/mb! I called them right away, got the manager on the line and made a deal. Needless to say I am the proud new owner of TEN 30mb compact flash cards. 300mb of "E-10 compatible" solid-state compact flash for under $370 including shipping! (Your mileage wheeling and dealing with their manager may vary.) I was elated to say the least. Next month I will probably repeat the deal just to be sure I have enough memory for any type of "away from computer" event.

I hope I have helped a few of you "digital camera wasteland-wanderers" to see the light. A camera, be it digital or film, is to me a tool that aids in my photographic work. None are perfect and all have quirks. But what I have found in my journey is that there are quite a few well-made tools now available that will help you do the job. By all means, using “the right tool” for your particular job is still important. But actually DOING the job is STILL up to you. Good luck to all in your wanderings.

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