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Re: FP L Focus Bracketing Questions

D Cox wrote:

Doppler9000 wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Doppler9000 wrote:

Johan Borg wrote:

Doppler9000 wrote:

is 15 the limit, or is this just an over-specified example, and higher odd numbers will work?

You select a number between 3 and 15 from a list, so it's the actual limit.

Thank you, Johan.

That is disappointing. Sigma always seems to be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I own two Merrills and a Quattro, and the self inflicted pain is hard to take.

That seems a very negative attitude to some cameras that are not perfect but can take superb photos.

How many steps do you want, and what kind of subject do you have in mind ?

Don Cox

Your "not perfect" strawman rather underplays the obvious problems with this camera, don't you think? Sort of like referring to a horrible event as "suboptimal".

My attitude simply reflects frustration with Sigma's decision-making. Their cameras all seem to be a combination of greatness grafted with bad ideas, which makes buying and living with them difficult.

I would like at least 200 frame capability. An obvious spot where focus bracketing is helpful, and where a fifteen frame limit is worthless, is macro photography.

Isn't the usual method for generating large numbers of frames for macro to use a motorized rail ?

It depends on subject, magnification, etc. Rails have been around for a while. Effective, automated focus bracketing is pretty recent.

Form Rik Littlefield, developer of Zerene stacking software and someone who is authoritative on the subject, wrote:

"Is it better to use a focus rail or the ring on my lens?

The short answer is that it’s usually better to use the ring."


Are there any cameras that can produce that many frames when focus bracketing ?

Fuji. Nikon.

Why eliminate a camera from consideration by making a completely arbitrary decision to limit something like a frame count? This doesn't reflect any physical limits, someone just decided 3,5,7,9,1,13,15 was all you get.

It may relate to the step size when focussing

The step size is within the control of the designers, to the limits of the focusing motors, controls etc., but these limits seem unlikely to explain a 15 frame limit. Fuji can step in the low single digit microns.

Even if a particular feature might not be useful to you, can you not see that this sort of decision to hobble the camera is a negative? Are you really being objective about Sigma?

I am quite interested in getting a macro setup such as this:


The fp and fpL are ideal for mounting on a bellows.

Don Cox

Most people using automated rails with tube lenses and infinite microscope objectives that I have seen, do not use bellows, they use rigid structures, as pictured.

So, I ask again, why on earth would Sigma max out focus bracketing at 15 frames? Why reduce the utility of your product for no discernible or defensible reason?

Here is a Nikon article that shows non-macro 36 and 100-frame stacks.


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