The end of the compact camera

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Re: The end of the compact camera

Lensmate wrote:

Ed B wrote:

It will be a long time before compact cameras are completely replaced by cell phones.

Two thumbs up on that!


I hope compact cameras remain around.

When I retire . . . I am not going to want to keep upgrading my cellphone just so I can have a pocketable image making device. LOL. Instead, I think I might get a dumbphone that doesn't really need to be upgraded.

Instead . . . dumbphone + compact camera.

Currently, compact cameras don't really go obsolete. As long as it can write a JPG file (or RAW for that matter) to an SD Card, then I get pictures from it.

I am still using a Pentax ist DS dSLR camera that was released in 2004. It still writes JPG (and RAW) files to an SD Card. So it is still a viable image making device for me! 17 years and still useful. I don't have a cellphone that is that old and still useful.

I also have a Fujifilm XP50 that was released in 2012 that is still working. 9-year-old compact camera that is still relevant! I have tossed a WiFi SD Card adapter (that takes micro-SD cards) into it so I can transfer pictures from the camera to my cellphone via. WiFi if I want.

Take care & Happy Shooting!


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