Fuji Raw X Studio Help - Converting to TIFF not working

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Re: Fuji Raw X Studio Help - Converting to TIFF not working

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I currently have 1600raws on my Fuji GFX50s that I need to convert to TIFF. I've put them into Fuji X Raw Studio to convert them.

Whenever I select all and click Tiff 8-Bit, the software will convert the image that I'm currently selecting to TIFF and the rest just to JPEG.

Is there a way to make sure it changes all the photos to TIFF en masse or does it have to be individual?

Please let me know if you get a second!

I don’t use that software, but are you sure you want 8 bit TIFFs, not 16 bit ones? What are you going to do with them?

I would assume that all/most processing is already done in Fujifilm X Raw Studio. I would still use 16-bit TIFFs, but I do not convert many images to large 16-bit TIFFs.

BTW and AFAIK, selecting 16-bit TIFF will generate a 16-bit TIFF with only 10-bit usable data

Is that a quirk of Fuji X Raw Studio? Seems crippling

It is a limitation of the camera, as TIFFs or JPEGs are generated by the camera.

(how can I check that?).

Look at the 6 LSBs of a bunch of pixels.

Thanks. It seems that the 5 LSBs are always zero. That would mean an 11-bit TIFF (GFX100S).

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