The P50 series has reverted to RGGB...

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Re: The P50 series has reverted to RGGB...

Booted Cat wrote:

Droo wrote:

Are you sure it is RGGB? The whole "10 color channel" sounds to me like they went full stupid with the color filters instead. Either way not super interested, only the telephoto camera gets me excited, but most of my shots are done with the main camera and that looks like little progress has been made since the P40 Pro.

I'm almost 100% sure it's RGGB. The original Chinese wording is "原色", which literally means "original color" but also corresponds to "primary color". In Chinese, the three primary colors (RGB) in optics is called 三原色 ("the three original colors"). The Chinese Wikipedia article "原色" exactly links to the English Wikipedia article "Primary color". So now I'm 100% sure they mean RGB.

"10 color channel" (original Chinese: 10 通道) actually means a 10-bit color image sensor, I think. Don't worry about this.

I guess the old telephoto camera on the P40 Pro+ and Mate 40 Pro+ excites you but not this new one on the P50 Pro? To me it seems not as good as the old 10x optical one.

Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like it is RGGB then.

The new telephoto is exciting, but because it is only the telephoto, overall I rate the P50 Pro not enough of an upgrade vs my P40 Pro. I am also very interested in multi exposure DNGs, which is not possible again with Huawei it seems.

The telephoto is very interesting however:

  • For OOC JPGs, multi exposed shots can get very much of the full quad Bayer resolution. 64 MP at 90 mm would be roughly equivalent to 12 MP at 208 mm, or 8 MP at 255 mm. If Huawei implement it well, this has the potential to resolve fine detail extremely well. Many phones with QB sensor offer virtually lossless digital 2x zoom and Huawei has already done it before, so this bodes well.
  • Even better if you get such a full resolution photo at 90 mm, not only when using the digital zoom.
  • When shooting in RAW, if you get the full 64 MP, you should be able to get fairly decent 24 MP shots in the end, comparable to 12 MP at 127 mm, so there is no downgrade here either.
  • I suspect Huawei might use a larger sensor than in the P30/P40 Pro, which further helps.
  • Because the focal length is only 90 mm, it is more useful than the 125 mm previously used. You don't have to be as far away from the object to be able to use it. There is less of a gap between the main and telephoto camera.
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