The P50 series has reverted to RGGB...

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Panino Manino
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Re: The P50 series has reverted to RGGB...

Droo wrote:

Are you sure it is RGGB? The whole "10 color channel" sounds to me like they went full stupid with the color filters instead. Either way not super interested, only the telephoto camera gets me excited, but most of my shots are done with the main camera and that looks like little progress has been made since the P40 Pro.

No! It's not "stupid", it's something good!
This sensor is "a 10-bit sensor" instead of "a 8-bit" like most, now the whole system process the colors in 10-bit.  Or something like that, I just know that this "10-bit pipeline" is not standard yet, enough for some brands from time to time to brag about it.

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