Correcting for overexposure of Ektachrome in Photoshop?

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Re: Correcting for overexposure of Ektachrome in Photoshop?

Sasquatchian wrote:

You don't have to limit yourself to labs in New England. I'm sure that a lab like The Icon in Los Angeles would have no issues pulling your film a stop. It's really not that big a deal on a Refrema processor. The previous suggestions of shooting a couple of test rolls and having them processed is excellent. Since you're going to have to scan anyway, it's a simple process to correct for any color shifts or slight lack of d-max from the pull. I would not suggest you try to process it yourself. Maintaining the tight temperature tolerances needed for E-6 is not trivial matter

Unless you pour money on it. When I was processing my own film, I found the Jobo gear great, and very precise. I even processed 8x10 film that way. But I think your advice is good.

and you'd more than likely be introducing a whole new set of uncontrollable variables into the mix.

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