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Re: Color gamuit question

Charles Martorelli wrote:

Some more context to my question. My 27’ iMac died so I need a new computer now. I am thinking Mac mini w/ a27’ sRGB display or a 24’ m1 iMac. That is what my budget allows.

PC Talk forum instead of Mac Talk?

The new iMacs look pretty good, and I would get one if my iMac suddenly failed, although I'd be more interested in the models to be introduced later this year. I would suggest getting one with 16 GB RAM, and the drive capacity doesn't matter if you store your photos on an external drive.

By all means, edit in the wider P3 color space, but I would suggest converting the image to sRGB if you are going to display them on the web, also be sure to save the image profile in the image. There are a couple of issues here: if the person has color management turned on, then whatever color space you use should be handled well enough if you embed the profile, but if they do not have color management and have a typical monitor, then sRGB would look better.

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