Not a Mirrorless in sight….

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Re: Not a Mirrorless in sight….

yray wrote:

I’m actually curious what would have happened if Nikon were releasing their ML in both F and Z mounts. Same exact models. Would be a nice test of the new mount viability, but then, obviously, they wouldn’t be able to push new expensive lenses on the early adopters.

It wouldn't be a test of the mount viability at all.  It would be a test of mirrorless vs. DSLR.  If you were to create a mirrorless version of a DSLR it will have the same issues that F mount users are complaining about with the Z bodies.  The autofocus will be the same as a Z body.  You will have the EVF that many don't like.  The only real positive from the whole thing would be the ability to use the F mount lenses without an adapter.

I use both Nikon DSLR and Z.  I have no problems using the FTZ if I really want to use an F mount lens on my Z.  There's no way I'm going to spend money buying an F mount mirrorless camera.

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