The end of the compact camera

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Re: The end of the compact camera

I agree with the possibility of them drying up, and would hope that there is a manufacturer  out there that tries to fix the situation.  Currently the only use I have for what I consider a compact camera is for telephoto capabilities.  I currently use a sony hx80 for this and my wife has a Canon 720.  Either of these fit in a small belt pouch and carried this was are mostly easily tolerated for occasional use and provide the extra reach not available with our iphones.  But the downside is that in general the image quality produced by our phone wins easily with the exception of the reach and it does not even require a belt pouch - just pop em in your pocket plus  the fact that I  would be carrying the phone anyway even if it didn't have a camera included.  But maybe if some manufacturer would utilize some of the tech used in the phone in their compact cameras so they could compete with the results there might be a chance of them surviving. But I can't see any chance of survival for fixed focal length or short zoom compacts being around much longer. I do realize that there are at least some instances where if I wanted to process the images from the compact on the computer I could at least come closer to the phone quality but freely admit that I absolutely detest processing photos on the computer and only do it if I have a photo that is super important for some special reason that is unusable without doing the computer enhancement and even then would need to take steps with the camera to allow me to stack images etc in the computer.

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