Wide/normal lens with fast AF for K-70

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Re: Wide/normal lens with fast AF for K-70

RBIV wrote:

xmeda wrote:

I consider DA18-135WR to be mandatory lens for APS-C Pentax users as it covers whole basic range, provides quite usable pictures, focuses fast and is weather sealed....

DA21/3.2 only in case you can find some 2nd hand cheap one and like the form factor, because that lens is rather mediocre and rest of DA trio group (DA40/2.8 and DA70/2.4) are MUCH better. With F3.2 wide open it is not very bright and needs stop down to F5.6 to provide better output. But then what is the benefit over lets say DA18-55 Only the size and metal body. Thats all.

(Similar thing applies to DA15/4 which is significantly worse than ZOOM DA12-24/4 until closed to F8+.)

Amusing how we like the lenses we like...

I don't see it this way. The 21 prime is better than the 18-135 in terms of sharpness and flare at wider apertures, and certainly no worse at f/5.6 or f/8, not to mention size which *does* matter to some of us. But no, it doesn't rack out to 135mm

Can't say on the 15/4 vs 12/24 pieces. My 15mm is very nice given it's small size The 12/24 zoom means about two steps one way or another, costs more, and is huge by comparison.

Different strokes my man....

Fully agree with you. Yes, I hesitated for a long time to get it (i.e. DA 21/3.2), as I didn't like its "limited" brightness and very weird focal length (neither 28 nor 35mm at FF). But then (two years ago) its price dropped to $400 (on Amazon.ca) so I couldn't resist. And since I got it I keep it permanently on my K-S1. It's my most used combo. Well, is my DA 35/2.8 Macro Ltd. sharper? Yes, for sure it is. Do I like the results from DA 21/3.2 more? Yes, for sure I do . For Michal, sharpness is not the only attribute of a good lens. There are other qualities, though difficult to measure them. They can be appreciated only by experienced eyes!

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