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Re: Avoiding banding

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Here's what I do to avoid banding; I use mainly use Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop:

  • Shoot raw.
  • Use high bit depth raws (14 instead of 12), although this doesn't help much unless you are close to base ISO.
  • Expose your image well.
  • Do most of the heavy image manipulation, like lifting shadows, applying severe tone curves, etc. in the raw processor.
  • In the raw processor, save the image to 16 bits TIFF for further editing in Photoshop or some other bit editor. ACR can open the file in Photoshop as 16 bits without having to save an intermediate file.
  • Only convert down to 8 bits just before you save the JPEG.

Generally, there's no need to convert down to 8 bit as a separate operation. It will be done automatically when you save to JPG.

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